Oleksiy Shneyer

Artist and Psychologist

Dear Patron!

Youll find in this Gallery the drawings reflect the impressions of the moment, giving you something to think about later. There are also genre paintings, things simply observed in a cafe, on the beach, at the airport and hastily scribbled on a napkin. There are dialogues about love, passion, about the Woman ... As an artist, if you let your hand wander freely around the sheet of paper, and then peer at the result, the chaotic strokes and lines miraculously line up in an image and the only thing that remains to be done is to remove everything extra. Most likely the end result will be just a dialogue with your subconscious and an innate childhood need to draw.

Truly yours Oleksy Shneyer, or simply --


You can purchase everything that is availabe in the Gallery
To do that, simply choose one or more paintings you are interested in and record the identification number (its available in the bottom right corner under the photo). Contact me and let me know which of the drawings you like and it will hang on your walls shortly thereafter.
Please contact me via
Mail info@comanda.com.ua


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